EPA Makes Changes to Refrigerant Regulations

EPA to phase-out Freon in 2020 and replace it with Puron

SIOUX FALLS, SD— There is a change in the air.

Beginning January 1st, the EPA will phase-out the refrigerant R-22, better known as Freon.

Instead, it’ll be replaced by Puron or R410A.

Experts say it’s more environmentally friendly.

“The ozone depletion level of R410A was much less than R22. So, it acted as a refrigerant to replace R22,” said Mark Lamb, service manager for Frisbee’s.

According to Lamb, the air conditioning industry has been preparing for the change for about 5 years.

With R22 being phased out, the price of the refrigerant is going to increase significantly.

“If you have a component built with the R22 system, you’re always going to have to replace R22 back in the system. It’s going to be a much higher cost than R410A,” said Lamb.

In order to tell which refrigerant your air conditioner takes, that can be found on the side of the unit.

Meanwhile, switching to the new system could cost anywhere between $3,000 to $5,000.

But Lamb says that’s still the cheaper route.

Whatever option you choose, you don’t want to mix Freon and Puron.

“At that point, if that did happen and your refrigerants did mix, we would have to take it to a refrigerant recycling company, and they have to actually destroy the refrigerant because they can’t separate,” said Lamb.

If you aren’t sure which refrigerant you have, you should reach out to an HVAC service provider for help.

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