Mom Shares Story of Lawn Mower Scare

BRIDGEWATER, S.D.- A Bridgewater mother is sharing her story after she was involved in a freak lawn mowing accident.

Mowing the lawn was a normal summer chore that Andy Jensen never thought much about until two weeks ago. His wife Kendra went out onto the deck to clean up some pool toys. She says she was outside for less than a minute when something shot out of the lawn mower and sliced her neck and shoulder. 

“I just went into shock and just started like waving my husband down and he was still mowing the lawn and he looked at me kind of confused and I was like ‘I’m hurt, I’m really hurt. Something hit me and it hurt,’” said Kendra. 

The Jensens’ don’t know what the object was that hit Kendra, but luckily Andy is a combat veteran and police officer and knew what to do.

“He ran to his car and grabbed his trauma bag and started stuffing my wound with gauze and wrapping it with a pressure dressing,” said Kendra. 

 “My very first thought was that my wife is going to bleed out in front of me and I was just hoping that I could make it stop long enough to get her to the hospital,” said Andy. 

The Jensens’ live about 45 minutes away from the nearest trauma hospital and Kendra was worried she wouldn’t make it there alive. The whole ambulance ride there she was thinking about her two boys. 

“I just kept thinking ‘thank God my kids were not outside and thank god it wasn’t one of them,’”said Kendra. 

She ended up making it to the hospital and was able to get treated. 

“For me, I’m just really grateful and I’m just glad she’s okay and that it wasn’t as bad as it looked,” said Andy. 

This experience has made Kendra and her family more cautious around lawn mowers.  

“We’re going to have a new rule at our house that no one’s outside when dad’s mowing,” said Andy. 

It was a scary experience that Kendra’s still healing from. Her focus now is to spread awareness. 

“He wasn’t close like I wasn’t standing nearby. I was over 40 feet away, so I was honestly in shock that something had hit me,” said Kendra. 

She wants people to know that accidents can happen anytime. 

I’m living proof that there is no distance that is a safe distance. You should be inside when someone is mowing and away from windows and that’s all there is to it,” said Kendra. 

She hopes by sharing her story it will prevent this from happening to anyone else. 

“If it could save somebody’s life that’s worth it for me,” said Kendra. 

The Jensens’ say they are just glad that Andy had trauma experience and was able to help. Andy recommends that others get some type of emergency training, especially if you live out in a rural area farther away from hospitals.

Kendra also has a GoFundMe page set up for unexpected medical expenses.

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