Woman Claims She was Harassed By Religious Group

SIOUX FALLS, SD—Police said they’ve received three tips about suspicious activity involving members of the “World Mission Society Church of God.”

We were able to talk with a woman, known as “Abby,” who told us all about her experience.

“I was going for a walk towards downtown and two people approached me. They were looking around like they were lost and said could we ask you a question?” said Abby.

She continued by saying the couple asked if she and her friend knew “the Mother of God,” and offered them a flyer that invited them to come to their church meeting.

Abby and her friend said “no” to their offer, that’s when she said the couple became more aggressive and wouldn’t let them pass by on the sidewalk.

After agreeing to take a picture of the flyer, the couple let them go.

Abby said she went inside her friend’s apartment and immediately shared the encounter on Facebook.

“A lot of people on my Facebook have commented this happened to me to, me too, me too, people I work with and a lot of my friends,” said Abby.

According to the flyer, the group’s meeting is being held at the Sheraton next to the Premier Center tonight at 6:30 pm.

The group has a history of concerning allegations.

However, we have not been able to confirm those independently.

Police said this morning, that they will be having their VICE detectives looking into the group.

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