South Dakota Dems, GOP Can Agree on This One Thing

Current requirements for 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates to get to the debate stage, make sense, says GOP leader

While politicians on either side of the aisle may disagree on a lot of things, one issue State Finance Director for the SD GOP, Dave Roetman and Dem Party Chair, Paula Hawks can find common ground on is the process for 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates to get to the national debate stage. The two met on the KDLT News Today Set early Thursday morning.

“Small donor support, I believe, is a good criteria to use,” Roetman said, after the show. “There is no hard and fast rule, and both parties try new  ‘recipes’ every cycle. Using polls is common, but polls are notoriously unreliable, and often reward notoriety rather than actual support. Candidates need media attention, which will punch up polling, but they also need to establish relationships with voters which results in donations – a measure of support, ” Roetman told KDLT News Today anchor Carleen Wild, after the cameras turned off.

The two also gave some initial thoughts on the Robert Mueller testimony and what might be next in terms of either party’s goals.

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