Sioux Falls Gaming Landscape Prepares for Arrival of Dave & Buster’s

SIOUX FALLS, SD— The arcade gaming landscape is about to change when Dave & Buster’s comes to Sioux Falls next year.

But, “Virtuality Gaming Den” is gearing up for the competition.

“Everybody loves Dave & Buster’s,” said Kasey Wheeler, Virtuality Gaming Den owner. “I think the community has been waiting for years to have this happen. As far as competition goes, I think they’ll help us; it brings families out of their homes and its entertainment dollars that go out to Sioux Falls.”

That is exactly what Wheeler wants.

His business preaches and praises in-person gaming competitions.

In order to get people out of the house, the gaming center is planning on hosting gaming tournaments.

“What we’re trying to do is heighten the awareness of tournament scene in Sioux Falls,” said Wheeler. “Have everybody able to be in one spot, knowing there is going to be weekly tournaments, different style of games and cash prizes.”

The arcade feels the tournaments will create an inclusive environment that can carry from the virtual screen to reality.

“This is a lot more local,” said Virtuality Gaming Marketing Manager Jonah Sturgeon. “When you’re online you don’t really know who you’re playing with. Here it’s local; you can meet new friends.”

Over the next three months, the Gaming Den will host Super Smash Bros, Madden Football and NBA 2K Basketball tournaments to drive competitors to their doors.

Also, Sturgeon has a friendly challenge for all Madden Players.

“I don’t want to say I’m the best. But, I did win the Super-Con Madden tournament last year. So, if anyone wants to step up and
try to dethrone me go for it,” said Sturgeon.

Virtuality Gaming Den will be having a Super Smash Bros tournament next weekend if you would like to sign-up early click here.

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