Can Your Data Ever Really Be Secure Again?

Katie Shuck, a cybersecurity expert, explains what we all should do to better protect ourselves online

It seems anymore, that if you log on to any device or save any information in what is supposed to be a secure cloud, that you do so with the understanding your information will be compromised. That includes every last bit of any sensitive information you hoped and were assured would locked up in a far away very dark place, forever.

Katie Shuck, a Cybersecurity Champion, Cyber Operations & Cryptography Student and CybHer Instructor, joined us in the studio Tuesday with a warning about not falling victim a second time, if you can help it. Her best insights as to scams you may encounter in the wake of both the Equifax settlement and the Capital One hack just announced, affecting more than 100 million consumers data, and advice in order to avoid scams, is in the interview below.



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