2019 State of the School Board: District Announces Priorities, Issues Grants

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Technology in the classroom, unique teaching methods, and upcoming goals for the Sioux Falls School District were all discussed at the 2019 State of the School Board address on Thursday.

Superintendent Dr. Brian Maher says this year, the district’s key areas of focus are graduation rates, teaching students coping and stress skills, retaining employees, and management of facilities.

Along with the district’s priorities, grants were given to teachers who came up with innovative teaching methods.

Washington High School English Teacher Megan Wounded Head plants to implement iPads so students can convert what they read into a video to better understand the material.

“I always find that when I have some sort of technology-enhanced project the kids are all in rather than, here’s another essay I made them write,” said Wounded Head.

Dr. Maher says the combination of technology and hard-working teachers is what makes the school district a great education system.

“You see the technology and the tools and that’s awesome but what makes it awesome is that human behind the technology and behind the tools. It tells me that we have great teachers and we should be proud of them,” said Dr. Maher.

The address was also a fundraiser for the school district. Almost $8,000 was donated. That money will pay for three more teacher grants for the 2020 school year.

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