Meyerink Played Through Pain To Take Championship Prize

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MITCHELL, S.D.  —  “It was very satisfying; a great experience,” said Meyerink. “I been playing golf a long time and I never would have expected it this year.”

Jeff Meyerink won his first SDGA Men’s Match Play Golf Tournament Championship with a 3 & 2 victory over Chris Long.

For the 39-year-old, this tournament was different than others.

“Between Thursday and Sunday, I probably played as much as I did all year combined. It’s starting to catch-up with me; feeling it a little bit from the grind,” said Meyerink.

Plagued by a bad-back throughout the tournament, Meyerink’s morning routine before taking the course had to start a little bit earlier.

“I was getting up at about 4:30 am, getting my stretching done, sit in the hot tube for a little bit, and try to get it as loose as I could before I took off and headed to [the Brandon Golf Course],” said Meyerink.

The stretching not only loosened up his back but his mind-set as well.

“Just got out there and have fun; I really didn’t have anything to lose this week,” said Meyerink. “Playing one on one against your competitor, you always kind of know where you’re at and what you need to do to put some pressure on them.”

Meyerink says he doesn’t know if he’ll pick up the clubs again this year.

He has to go through physical therapy to repair his back.

But, Meyerink does say this injury won’t stop his love for the game.

“I really just think it’s probably the greatest game there is because it’s something that you can teach your kids,” said Meyerink. “It’s also something you can play your whole life that’s a huge part of it right there.”

Bad-back and all, this has been a special year for Meyerink.

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