Marion Organization Buys School Supplies for Entire District

MARION, S.D.-It’s almost time for kids to go back to school, which means families are doing their back-to-school shopping. The price can add up quickly, so one organization in Marion is helping to make this year a little less stressful for parents.

 At this year’s open house in the Marion School District, a weight has been lifted for the parents. They get to skip the annual school supply shopping trip because everything has already been purchased. The Marion Business and Professional Association decided to provide basic school supplies to preschool through high school. That’s around 188 kids. 

“It’s just our way of giving back to the community. Thanking everyone that supports our businesses in town,” said Heidi Ptak, Secretary for Marion Business and Professional Association.

The only supplies parents will need to worry about are backpacks, clothing and calculators. 

“Being a single parent, it helps a lot. So that was pretty nice of the people of Marion to do that,” said Randy Olson.

The association said they had the finances to do this, so they decided to make going back to school a little easier for the parents this year. 

“You know my wife and I had five children who all went to school here, so we went through school shopping for a long time, many years and on top of the expense, it is the hassle of finding everything,” said Marion Business and Professional Association Member Bryan Luke. 

Parents appreciate the gesture. 

“That’s been a huge relief. It’s been a ton of fun to be here tonight, to see all the kids come running into their classroom, see all their new school supplies, compare colors, and see what they got. It’s just been a really fun night,” said parent Jennifer Ross. 

“I thought it was really cool how they just bought them for us,” said fifth grader Autumn Grennell. 

While parents are grateful, they are not surprised because this is what small towns do. 

“In a small town neighbors help neighbors, so it just gives us a sense of unity,” said Ptak. 

According to the National Retail Federation, families with children in elementary school through high school will spend an average of $670 dollars on school supplies, clothing and electronics.

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