Overtime Parking Tickets Could Turn Into School Supply Donations

Two Sioux Falls City Council as proposing a new ticketing resolution

SIOUX FALLS, SD— Overtime parking tickets could become a charitable donation.

Sioux Falls City Council Members Theresa Stehly and Pat Starr are proposing that instead of paying the fine, citizens can pay for school supplies.

The city council members say the fines would be a donation to the Banquet school supply program.

The program was originally funded by “K-Mart” and “Shopko.”

But the two businesses are no longer around in Sioux Falls and the city council members say their resolution could be the perfect fit.

“It’s a very timely issue because it’s right before school starts and this is when [the Banquet is] collecting these school supplies for children,” said Stehly. “My understanding from the Banquet is there is a huge need for children who can’t afford to buy these school supplies.”

The resolution will be put to a vote at the next city council meeting Tuesday night

The Banquet is still accepting school supply donations until August 16th to learn how to donate click the link.

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