Study: Sioux Falls Top City for Young Professionals

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Young people are flocking to Sioux Falls.

“Our community is a lot more receptive and welcoming and inviting to young people,” says Mayor Paul TenHaken.

One of the reasons as to why so many are making the move? According to Mayor TenHaken, it’s affordable.

“Cost of living in Sioux Falls for young people compared to the median salaries and so forth that we look at with millennials and extras is very, very competitive.”

Sioux Falls is making a name for itself. For the third year in a row, it’s topped “SmartAssets” list for young professionals… beating out larger cities like Nashville, Minneapolis, and Austin.

Sioux Falls seems to have found the balance between work and play.

“It’s very affordable here, and because of that, the young professionals, and everyone for that matter, are able to spend their money on other things,” says YPN of Chamber of Commerce manager Kayla Huizing.

TenHaken was once a young professional finding his way in the business world. Prior to becoming mayor, he was the founder and CEO of the digital marketing company “Click Rain.” But, he says there’s also more to it now for millennials calling the Sioux Empire home.

“Culture and in arts and in quality of life and things to do on the weekend,” TenHaken says. “It isn’t just looking at the job, they look at the whole package. What’s my quality of life gonna be, what’s there to do in Sioux Falls, South Dakota?”

As for what else sets the area apart from others, “No matter if you’re from here, or you’re from somewhere else, everyone’s gonna be friendly to you, and they’re gonna invite you to different things to get involved. And so I don’t think you find that in a lot of other cities, and it makes Sioux Falls stand out,” adds Huizing.



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