Chaos of Dayton Shooting Echoes in 911 Calls, Radio Traffic

John Minchillo/AP

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) – Emergency calls and radio traffic from the mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, last weekend provide a window into a chaotic scene as strangers sought help for the wounded and emergency responders tried to sort out whether there was a second shooter.

A caller in a tavern reported a masked man outside, firing what “looked like a rifle” in a popular nightlife area. Another living nearby said she awoke to the sound of about 30 gunshots. Yet another pleaded for an ambulance at a different bar, where someone was shot and bleeding from the head.

Dispatchers assured them police were responding.

Police say officers in the area fatally shot the gunman less than 30 seconds into the rampage. They say he killed nine adults, including his sister.

The motive remains unclear.

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