Vikings Rookies Lean on Veterans For 1st Preseason Game Guidance

MINNESOTA, MN— The Vikings play their first preseason game tonight against the New Orleans Saints.

This game can be proving grounds for many of the rookies.

After, the game the Vikings coaching staff will shorten the roster significantly within the next week

If a rookie comes out a lays an egg that could mean he is going to be cleaning out his locker.

Being under those first preseason game lights can be pretty nerve wrecking, which is why it is so important to have veterans in the locker room to lean on.

“Going on my 5th training camp, not saying that I’m old, but i have some experience and I know what it is like going through camp and being a young guy,” said Stefon Diggs, Vikings wide receiver. “So as far as leading by example; they can lean on you.”

“I try to do everything I can to help these guys whether its study habits or practice habits, things I do to take care of my body,” said Kyle Rudolph, Vikings tight end. “Any question they may have, guys always helped me out so I make sure to help our young guys out as well.”

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