Turner County Fair Takes Community Involvement One Step Further

Fair volunteers say the fair helps them reconnect with friends and neighbors

PARKER, S.D. –  The Turner County Fair is celebrating its 139th birthday this week.

Fair management says it would not have been possible without the over 200 people that work behind the scenes.

“I enjoy it when you been to the fair as long as I have and haven’t missed a year,” said Doris Filnt, Turner County Fair volunteer. “That says something.”

Flint has been coming to the fair for over 50 years.

She says it’s not just the music that keeps bringing her back.

“Me and my husband used to say this was our vacation,” said Flint. “I like people, there are several that stop in that I haven’t seen for a long time, and I like to talk with them.”

Fair management says that is what they envision the fair being; one big family reunion.

“It’s the people; it’s family,” said Bonnie Kahl, co-owner of Kahl’s Kettle Korn. “We have our customers that come back every year, and we have to check in on them.”

Kahl’s Kettle Korn has been selling popcorn at the fair for 28 years, and every year at the end of the fair they come to the same conclusion.

“It’s the four best days of summer,” said Kahl.

The Turner County Fair will be going on until Thursday.

So, you better hurry up and get your popcorn and elephant ears.

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