United Way Holds “Women Unite” Event For Campaign Kickoff

Sioux Falls, S.D.- United Way held its annual Women Unite Event Tuesday to kick off their 2020 campaign. Nearly 900 women attended.

“That is powerful in itself. To get a message out to 900 people all at once, you just can do that through one on one communication, mailers, social media,” says program committee co-chair, Micki Lundin.

Ruth Bennett, co-chair of Women Unite says the organization supports 85 programs that fight for three main areas in the community, “We help people in three different ways or three different groups actually; children, vulnerable adults and people in crisis.” Woman who have benefited from these programs shared their stories about how they helped.

“Just to remind everybody of all of the good that the collective power of women has done in our communities. The entire Sioux Empire has benefited from this event. So its going to be a chance for everybody to learn about some updates on those and just to really get excited about the campaign again this year,” says Lundin.

She also said she’s seen the power a group of woman can have when they come together, “We can raise significant amounts of money; we’re decision makers not only in our households but also in our work places. So, to bring that power and communication together is just… the impact is everlasting.”

The women raised a total of $15,000 at the event alone. If you’re interested in donating or volunteering, you can go to this link for more information.

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