Slow Down In School Zones: Sioux Falls School District Warns Drivers

Sioux Falls Police and South Dakota Highway Patrol are partnering to enforce school zone speed limits

SIOUX FALLS, SD—  The school year has already started in cities like Mitchell, Aberdeen, Pierre, and Yankton.

But in Sioux Falls public school resume on Thursday, and the school district and police department have a reminder for drivers; slow down.

“I would challenge you to think of that big yellow school bus not as that big piece of metal, but actually as a representation of kids that are inside,” said Dr. Brian Maher, Sioux Falls superintendent.

They want to encourage people to stay aware, especially in school zones.

“Kids can emerge from two parked cars in a second. Our research shows it only takes two seconds of taking your eyes off the road to double your chances of crashing,” said Marilyn Buskohl, AAA South Dakota.

With the influx of students making their commute to school, officials also want to remind drivers to be patient and don’t drive aggressively.

“On average, it only adds about one minute and 30 seconds to your daily commute. So I think we should all have that amount of time to save a life and keep everyone safe,” said Matt Cook, Falls Area Bicyclists.

In order to enforce school zone speed limits, which is 15 mph,  the Sioux Falls Police department will be partnering with Highway Patrol for the next couple of weeks.

If you disobey the speed limit it can lead to a hefty fine.

“A common situation where somebody could be caught speeding through a school zone would be someone caught doing 30, so 15 mph over. You’re looking at $182.50 for that fine,” said Robert Draeger, Sioux Falls Police Department school resource officer.

So, do your pockets a favor and slow-down.

AAA has launched their “Don’t Drive Intexticated” distracted driving campaign, and you can take part by pledging on their website here.

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