Someone You Should Know: The Mad Magician Behind “Terror 29”

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Zac Tenneboe loves magic.

“My dad’s a magician, so I grew up with that, I grew up a boy wizard is the line I always say.”

He loves it so much, he decided at a young age to become a magician. He is also passionate about all things Halloween.

“Munsters was my favorite TV show as a kid,” Tenneboe continues.

He has combined the two to create a new haunted house called “Terror 29.” The name comes from its location. It’s a warehouse north of Sioux Falls… just off I -29 on the “Renner Crooks” exit.

This is not going to be just any typical haunted house though… the scares here are combined with magic.

“You won’t necessarily think, ‘ooh that’s a magic trick I see on stage,’ but it will take those elements and will be a surprise and still look really cool and have magic elements throughout,” says Tenneboe.

Zac plans to use his background as a magician to set his haunted house apart from others…

“Some elements that you’d see with illusion, like you’d see somebody disappears on stage, you’d take those methods and put them into the haunted house.”

This means the haunted house is going to have a lot of pop-out scares for it’s visitors. But, more than anything, Zac is excited to see the whole project come together. After two years with the idea in the works, he’s only a few weeks away from opening day.

“I guess what makes me so excited is just to see the dream coming into fruition and seeing it all come together and the team that we are putting together, lots of friends and family, doing internships and apprenticeships.”

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