Rep. Johnson Tours State Listening to Economic Concerns

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Representative Dusty Johnson says this is a difficult time for farmers.

The past few weeks, Johnson has been traveling across South Dakota talking to producers and hearing their concerns. He says we are in the fifth year of declining farm revenue and that Chinese tariffs on commodities like soybeans have put a strain on farmers.

However, Johnson says many farmers he spoke with are understanding of the trade war as they believe President Trump is trying to get a better deal. While the trade war continues, Johnson says congress needs to do everything they can to make sure producers aren’t bearing a bigger brunt than they have to.

“These trade issues do have an impact that is why it is so important for Congress to do their job and get the U-S Mexico Canada agreements USMCA, ratified in October. That is going to open up new American markets for meat for wine for poultry for dairy. That’s going to be much needed good news,” said Johnson.

Johnson says the U.S., Mexico, Canada agreement will not make the problem go away, but will still help.

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