GNC Celebrates 5th Anniversary and Inspires in the Process

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The GNC at Dawley Farm Village celebrated its 5th anniversary of being family owned. They hosted a costumer appreciation event in honor of the accomplishment.

It was a special day for fitness junkies in the Sioux Empire. The event had 25% off all retail, a St. Jude drive…. and a visit from 4-time World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw.

Fans flocked to the store for the opportunity to meet and speak with the nationally recognized athlete.

“A lot of people aspire to want to be somebody like that, and with him being here and having customers be able to come in that look up to him, to be able to talk to him personally is an amazing thing to see,” says GNC franchise operator Casey Nickell.

From body building competitors…

“I went from bikini to figure, i’m currently competing in figure,” says bodybuilding competitor Joni Waldner.

To future athletes…

“Basketball is kinda life,” says Brian Shaw fan Ayden Peterson.

Everyone was excited and inspired to meet Brian Shaw.

The event was inspirational. It allowed for a supportive fitness community. Because, there are many reasons as to why people begin a fitness journey.

“I was kind of bullied as a kid and I was like, man I want to be stronger, you know, I don’t want that,” says Casey Nickell.

“Because it helps your drive, and other stuff like that,” says Ayden Peterson.

The event gave encouragement to people who are trying to get into shape.

It’s not usually just the physical part, its overcoming the fear of being judged and just having the confidence,” adds Joni Waldner.

A reminder that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

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