Home Sweet Home for Frederiksen

Home Sweet Home for Frederiksen

MADISON, SD…You may not notice Brodie Frederiksen when you go to a Dakota State game, but it probably won’t take long.

“I think my height, a lot of people look at it as a disadvantage, but I think I use my height as my advantage because I’m hard to read for linebackers where I’m going to go, I can hide behind the offensive line, and I have pretty good vision for a guy my size.” DSU Senior Brodie Frederiksen says.

Fredricksen quickly made a splash for the Madison Bulldogs, helping leading them to their first state championship in 2015.

Heading to college, Brodie wanted a change and decided to go to Dakota Wesleyan.

“At the time I just wanted to get out of Madison and experience life outside of Madison.” Frederiksen says.

Unfortunately, nobody saw much of what he could do as Fredricksen was buried on the depth chart, leading him to decide to go back to his hometown transfer to Dakota State.

“I guess I just couldn’t find my place. I kind of just got more comfortable here knowing my role and being able to climb the ladder.” Brodie says.

And it showed in his first game as a Trojan against his former team when he ran for 286 yards and two touchdowns in Dakota State’s 27-18 win in Mitchell.

“In my mind, yeah, I feel like I proved something. I went to DW, they didn’t really give me the shot I wanted, and then getting to go back up there and show them really what I’m about felt really good.” Frederiksen says.

It was the start of a record breaking season that saw Brodie set the program’s single season rushing mark with 1,386 yards while running for 11 touchdowns.

“It’s amazing. If I ever don’t know or I’m iffy on something I’m going to give him the ball and I’m going to let him run. I mean, Brodie is going to make plays.” DSU Sophomore Quarterback Torren Devericks says.

Entering his final year Brodie doesn’t care about his numbers….

“We went 3-8 so, really, what I want to prove is to have a good year, myself as an individual, and as a team.” Brodie says.

….He wants to see more wins starting with one final victory against his old team.

In Madison, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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