Flu Season Is Around The Corner

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – It’s only August, but health care professionals are already looking ahead to flu season. In particular, to getting people to start thinking about their flu shots.

“It’s a must do, not a should do,” says Hy-Vee shopper Megan Moore.

“I never get the flu shot,” says Hy-Vee shopper Lindsey Waggoner.

When it comes to getting the flu shot, people are opinionated. But, experts say if you’re 6 months or older, you should get the vaccine.

“Not only does it protect yourself from the influenza virus, but those around you,” says pharmacist Jillian Gacke.

Some are more likely to get sick. Pregnant women, infants, and people with heart abnormalities are at risk.

“Higher rate of hospitalizations and higher morbidity mortalities, especially for the baby they are carrying,” says Dr. Santiago Lopez.

People who are afraid of needles are in luck. This year there’s a nasal spray. Experts say that the best time to get your flu shot is before the end of October. But, some avoid the shot for another, and not so good, reason…

“It’s a common misconception that the flu vaccine gives you the flu, and that has been determined false several times now, the flu vaccine cannot give you the flu,” says Gacke.

Getting the flu can cause stress.

A, “Day of missed school can make or break the next test, so um, its just, its really impactful,” says Moore.

People forget, though, is how detrimental the flu can be. Experts say hospital visits, and even death, are possible when infected with the flu. This year, the vaccine is a little different. It will have 4 strains of the virus.

Hy-Vee announced yesterday that the vaccine is now available at their pharmacies without an appointment or prescription.

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