Sleep is as Important to Living a Healthy Life as Diet and Exercise

SIOUX FALLS, S.D –  It’s back to school time across the Sioux Empire. That means, it’s back to reality… and back to a routine. People get caught up in tasks and forget one of the most important daily activities.

“We spend almost a third of our life sleeping,” says sleep expert Rizan Hajal.

Exercise and diet are thought to be the key to a healthy lifestyle. But, experts say the most important action a person can take is actually pretty easy…


“Unfortunately, that means we have to do less during the daytime. but we become more efficient, we become more focused we have better mood, better interpersonal relationships,” says Hajal.

Everyone hates the sound of an alarm clock, but, “In normal life we should not need the snooze button. We should be waking up everyday without the alarm clock in an ideal pattern,” Hajal adds.

The reality is, though, people do all they can to sleep as little as possible.

“We have coffee, Mountain Dew is very very common.”

But, nothing is as good as a nights rest. Without it, there are repercussions.

“Depression, anxiety, and metabolic issues such as gaining weight and eating too much as well as inattentiveness and inability to focus.”

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