Sports Betting at Grand Falls Casino

LARCHWOOD, IOWA- Iowa has now become the 11th state in the U.S. to offer legal sports betting and 18 of the 19 licensed casinos in the state are getting in on the action. In Larchwood, Grand Falls Casino’s online “Elite Sportsbook” is now live, so folks can start sports betting.

“We’re just looking forward to being able to offer this to the public on a legal format. We’re definitely starting to see a lot more interest from a wide variety of folks that we have not seen before,” said Sharon Haselhoff, General Manager of Grand Falls Casino. 

There are a variety of different betting options from multiple sports to specific plays.

“There’s lots of different things that people can bet on. It’s really how much they want to bet and what kind of things they want to bet on,” said Haselhoff.

“We’ll have an odds board that folks can look at or online as well that will tell them, if I place a ten dollar bet, what will I win if I make this bet.”

To start sports betting, you first need to go to Grand Falls Casino and register as  a “Resort Club Member.” Then you can create an account online and start placing bets on your smartphone or computer. But only if you’re actually in Iowa since sports betting is still illegal in other states like South Dakota. Your location is monitored through geofencing, which creates a virtual perimeter. Each time you log in to your account to place a bet, you have to give your location.

You can also bet on location. Grand Falls Casino is opening a temporary in-house sportsbook area August 31st. 

“In house, we’ll have folks here that can help walk you through the different options to bet on things and obviously we’ll have a nice setting for folks to relax in chairs and watch the games,” said Haselhoff.

They are currently working on their permanent addition Betfred Sports, which will be open in a couple months. 

Right now, there is a $2,000 dollar limit on accounts. Online you can bet 24-hours a day in Iowa. In-house hours will be from 9 a.m. to midnight.


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