Citizen Taco: Hungry for Change

Sioux Falls S.D.– There are always ways to improve your city or town, but often times the hard part is taking the first steps. Two Sioux Falls men are aiming to help. Clinton and Jordan saw a need for citizen engagement. So they started “Citizen Taco”, a place where people with ideas to better the community can meet and brainstorm how to take action, while eating tacos.

“We want to make making your community better; cool… they’ll begin taking action in their community and then feel empowered to take more actions,” says Jordan Deffenbaugh, one of the founders of “Citizen Taco”. He says anyone in the Sioux Falls community is welcome to join all you need is an idea, “Really you just have to have a passion, a curiosity and maybe something you see that’s a little off in the community and you think you might have a solution.”

Vaney Hariri, an attendee, says the meetings are a win-win for everyone, “The event is genius. It has two things I love; being an active citizens and tacos… I think the big thing is having an opportunity to commune with people, and get an opportunity to think through things that we want to see happen in the community and how we can get there.”

The concept is simple, so simple when you walk in the door its laid out step by step for you.”First thing, you eat tacos,” then, “You write the thing on a piece of paper and then you put it up on the wall,” says Jordan. Then you identify potential hurdles, “The next step is you talk to people to figure out how you get past those barriers.” And finally, “…do the thing! Like actually just make it happen in the next 30 days.”

Though the event has only had three meetings so far, the ideas brought to this group have already come to life, “We’ve has someone do a side walk seminar on micro-prairies; how you can change your lawn into a pollinator habitat. We’ve had somebody who decided they wanted to run for city council.”

In the end the purpose of this event is clear, “Making good food, good conversation and then when you leave you take action.”

The event was created through the Face Book page, “Strong Towns- Sioux Falls” where you can find the date and times of upcoming Citizen Taco meetings.

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