Sioux Falls Organizations Activate Incident Command Center to Help Floridians

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-Hurricane Dorian appears to be changing course, moving up along the eastern seaboard meaning Florida could be out of the crosshairs. However, two medical care providers in Sioux Falls are pulling their resources together just in case.

Friday the Good Samaritan Society activated their incident command center at their national campus in Sioux Falls. The main goal is to ensure safety for the staff and residents down at their Florida retirement community campuses. 

“Making sure they have the resources and the equipment and just the coordinated effort that they need,” said team member Clint Graybill and Vice President of Performance Management.

The team running the command center is made up of Good Sam and Sanford Health staff. They’re all bringing different skills to the table from emergency management, to clinical expertise, to human resources.

“It’s very reassuring I think when you see the work that can get done in a short amount of time in an emergency setting. People step up to the table, they are willing to help in any way they can,” said Randy Bury, President of The Good Samaritan Society. 

Some staff members have also been sent down to Florida to help out.

“The folks down there, our employees and volunteers, they are doing the heavy lifting. We just want to make it as smooth as possible and take away any of the barriers that we possibly can,” said Graybill. 

The team is focused on staying one step ahead of the storm. 

“We’ve got everybody evacuated now from both of our two facilities, Daytona Beach and Kissimmee. Most of those residents have been consolidated on our DeLand Florida Campus,” said Bury.

Currently the team is planning for the worst.

“We’ve got a list right now, it’s about 70 people, but it’s growing that are prepared to go to Florida and provide relief work for the people that have been kind of carrying the load to this point,” said Bury. 

However, they’re also hoping and planning for the best case scenario.

“We’re already making plans. We’re planning to move people back to Daytona Beach on Thursday,” said Bury.

For now the team is continuing to track Hurricane Dorian, preparing for whatever situation is blown their way.  

The last time the Good Samaritan Society in Sioux Falls activated their incident command center was two years ago for Hurricane Irma.


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