Is Meatless Meat Actually More Healthy for You?

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – Meatless meat seems to be trending in the food industry, but is this alternative actually better for you?

A burger without the meat. Seems like an impossible task… until recently. Burger King released its “Impossible Wopper” made of plants, and they are paving the way for restaurants in all communities.

MacKenzie River Pizza is the local place that’s trying this meatless burger trend. The food industry is consistently changing. That means all restaurants have to take action.

“We’ve gotta expand, or fail,” says MacKenzie River Pizza general manager Jesse Schanzenbach.

He says costumers make up their own minds on what to eat. It’s a restaurant’s job to provide the food.

“So one of the major concerns we have within our industry is making sure we take care of all of our costumers, no matter what food they want and or like to eat,” he continues.

But, is this meatless meat actually better for you?

Not necessarily.

Whether you choose meat or meatless, it’s all about the quality of ingredients.

“In meat options, look for grass fed, look for free range, that type of thing. In vegetable sources look for good organic plant sources,” says Wayne & Mary’s general manager Tara Whiting.

But Healthline says that impossible burgers are higher in some vitamins and minerals.

The downside?

They are also higher in salt and carbohydrates.

It seems as long as you are eating good quality the choice between meat and meatless is easy… pick whichever you prefer.

Del Taco, Tim Horton’s, KFC, and Applebee’s are just some of the chains now selling “beyond meat” products.

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