Jaycees Feargrounds Creates Special Effects Makeup Internship

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – September may just be starting, but some in the Sioux Empire are already gearing up for Halloween.

The Sioux Falls Jaycees have already made a way for special effects makeup lovers to begin preparations.

For Asher Cantine, Halloween is not just a holiday

“My whole apartment is Halloween themed all year round,” she says.

She’s one of the interns selected for the Jaycees Feargrounds program.

So is Delaney Krogh, and she’s equally as passionate.

“It’s September, it’s Halloweentime, let’s go,” Krough says.

The program’s goal? To teach makeup enthusiasts safe skills. Online video tutorials often show incorrect or unsafe techniques.

“People love to do the pop cam over the eye, but that is a very sharp, jagged metal edge, and you do not want that on your face is you’re walking around,” says Jaycees makeup manager Tamara Parliament.

But just because the interns are getting professional help now, doesn’t mean they haven’t already come a long way.

“Just because you are learning this on your own does not mean that you are not deserving of the title makeup artist, and I think that this is a great way for people to get experience with that, to have confidence in using some of these tools and techniques that maybe they wouldn’t try on their own,” continues Parliament.

But for Asher, it’s not all about skill set. It’s about self-expression.

“Because you get to paint your face or other people’s faces, you like get to bring your dark side out, that’s what I like about it,” she says.

The program gives an outlet for interns to not only improve, but to form a community.

“Just so involved this year, they are a wonderful group of people, truly a haunt family,” says Parliament.

The program consists of 6 classes before interns will do makeup for haunted house actors. If all goes well, you may see more internship programs in the future.

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