Extensive Flooding Causes Damage in Madison

MADISON, S.D- Heavy rainfall has caused extensive flooding across eastern South Dakota. In Madison they received almost 12 inches of rain over the past couple days.

Neighbors off North Prairie Avenue in Madison are all pretty close. They get together for the fun times, but are also there for one another on the tough days. Water is flowing through the streets, flooding houses like Brandize Nelson’s. 

“We’ve got a lot of great friends, great support system. So we’re just kind of hanging out right now with people. Everyone’s offered assistance,” said Nelson. 

This is Nelson’s third flood.

“This is the worst. It’s going to be a lot of work for Madison, but Madison is unfortunately used to things like this.”

To get to her house she has to trudge through flooded waters. Unfortunately her garage and basement flooded.

“The basement is full. It is flooded completely. We’ll have to wait until some of this water recedes to be able to pump it fully out. So yeah, one moment at a time,” said Nelson. 

Her daughters room is in the basement. Before the flooding started, they moved as many items as they could upstairs, but didn’t anticipate the water rising as high as it did.

Their rabbit fig also lives in the basement.They moved her upstairs to the bathtub where she’ll be staying for the time being. The neighborhood cat is also currently staying at Nelson’s house.

“It has no neighborhood currently, these are the streets it roams unfortunately.”

With her neighbors by her side Nelson is staying positive.

“It’s a little bigger, but you know we still progress. We’ll move on, we’ll be fine, so just we band together to get things done,” said Nelson. 

According to Madison’s mayor, Silver Creek is now overflowing on the south side of town. He urges residents near that area to think about evacuating and finding somewhere else to stay for the night. 


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