Tornado Has Massive Impact on Sioux Falls Businesses

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sioux Falls is trying to bounce back from extensive tornado damage but for some businesses, it’s not that easy. Plaza 41, on 41st Street, was in the path of one of Tuesday’s tornadoes.

“Where do you start, I mean just, I mean, they say pictures say a thousand words, I think these pictures say more,” says Gaylene Stocco co-owner of Dreamers Outlet.

For the co-owners, the picture isn’t a pretty one. Rubble, debris, flooding, destroyed inventory and that’s just the start.

“A few things, mostly pictures, umm some things that were made for us by our grandkids,” says Gaylene.

“A lot of the pictures, a lot of the mementos, you know, are gone,” says co-owner Dan Darkow.

For Gaylene and Dan, losing this memorabilia was the most devastating of all. Then, something miraculous happened. Gaylene received a call.

“She found one of our pictures, and reached out to us, so thanks Sarah,” Gaylene says.

The photograph of Gaylene’s grandchildren was picked up by the storm. It was found down the road by a complete stranger, and then it was returned.

The store owners have a lot of difficulties in their immediate future, but this was enough to keep up their spirits.

“We’re not the negative people you know like, oh gosh, look what happened to us, again it’s just stuff, so we will be back,” says Dan.

Just one example of Midwestern kindness, bringing the hope needed to face tragedy.


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