Government Officials Assess Tornado Damage

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – As we are bracing for more flooding, the community is still picking up from three EF-2 tornadoes that touched down in Sioux Falls earlier this week.

Senators Thune and Rounds, Representative Johnson, and Mayor TenHaken assessed storm damage this morning. They toured the city, stopping at locations hit hardest by the storm.

The city is bouncing back, but it’s not easy. The tornados and the flooding created the perfect storm.

“We’re gonna see the effects of not only this twister, and these 120 mile an hour winds, but we’re also gonna see the effects of this flood as well, and the combination of both, we’ll be talking about for months to come, says Sen. Rounds.

TenHaken says the city will continue to monitor flooding in Madison and Del Rapids. Meanwhile, the community can get involved in the recovery. As memories from Tuesday fade, the city can’t forget about clean-up efforts.

“Tomorrow’s Saturday. We’ve got a lot of people in this community with trucks, and if they are willing to take some time to drive around, any brush that’s in the boulevard, that can be picked up, you don’t need permission, and this recovery effort is going to get done a lot faster if this community keeps doing what it’s been doing,” says Representative Johnson.

“We’re gonna need that help, for the next several weeks, so continue to lift up your city, help out your city where you can,” says TenHaken.

The storm may be over, but the work is just beginning.

“It’ll take a while, for some of those home owners, it’s gonna take a long while,” says Sen. Thune.

South Dakota’s congressional delegation says the damage is shocking. They want to remind everyone to put out a helping hand.

“No family gets to decide when they get hit by tragedy, but we all get to decide how we respond to that tragedy,” adds Rep. Johnson.
The delegation says the community’s responded quickly and whole heartily.

“Reminded of the quality of the character and the people here in South Dakota, more particularly right today in Sioux Falls, but the way everybody stepped up and contributed, and just did what needed to be done,” says Sen. Thune.

There may still be a lot to do, but Sioux Falls has already showed it’s resilient.