Sioux Falls Will See More Flooding in the Upcoming Days

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. –In just two days, six inches to a foot of rain dumped on many Sioux Empire communities. This extra water is causing rivers to swell, and break records.

The water level in Split Rock Creek in Corson reached nearly 19 feet, shattering its old record by more than a foot.

Despite these new records, National Weather Service Meteorologist Peter Rogers says this flooding event will be different than what we saw in the spring.” Last time we had a lot of rain falling on snow pack and frozen ground. This is strictly rainfall.”

Meaning the flooding won’t last as long and the water will go down quicker. However, people still need to be prepared for this weekend.

“We will see flooding within the city of Sioux Falls. Now, we’re in a unique situation, we do have the diversion and that helps move the water around the city, or at least some of the higher water. But, enough water will still get through the main channel where we are expecting flooding to occur,” Rogers explained.

Many Sioux Falls parks have already been closed. Officials ask people to respect the barricades. Following the rules is a big way to help first responders who have a lot on their plates.“Right, this has been a very busy week. It’s not a very common occurrence where you have three significant tornadoes going through Sioux Falls followed by very significant flooding, not only here in Sioux Falls, but across a large part of South Dakota,” Rogers admits.

In Sioux Falls, Meteorologist Hannah Messier, KDLT News.

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