Team Rubicon Helps With Weather Clean-Up

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – Its been a few days since the 3 EF-2 tornados hit Sioux Falls. In that time, the clean-up’s gone into full swing.

Marty Engquist didn’t escape from the weather without trouble. A 40-foot pine tree fell, clipping the roof of his home. But, it turns out he’s pretty lucky…

“Five or ten feet this way it would’ve been a lot worse,” Marty says.

Marty’s home has minimal damage, but clean-up looked like it was gonna be tough. The size of the tree was overwhelming.

“It’s a little bit of a bigger job for someone like me,” he says.

Luckily, Team Rubicon is in town to help efforts. The global non-profit focuses on disaster response.

“Hurricane, floods, tornados, wild fire, recover responses, everything,” says Team Rubicon State Administrator Korey Schroeder.

In Sioux Falls, volunteers are helping out with clean-up for private residents. They’ve paired up with the 211 helpline center to get the scoop on community needs. The organization is made up of mostly military veterans, first responders, and civilians.

“That feeling when you get where you’re not in the military anymore, or if you’re a retired first responder, or even part of a sports team, is you miss that comradery and you’re able to get that back with our organization, and you’re still serving your community as well as your state and nation,” says Korey.

But for Marty, the help is heart-warming.

“There’s a lot of special people around here,” he says.

In a desperate time, Sioux Falls residents show they can be relied upon.

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