Scholten Will Be Key to Lynx Defending State Football Title

Scholten Will Be Key to Lynx Defending State Football Title

BRANDON, SD…Thomas Scholten’s journey to becoming one of the best high school quarterbacks in South Dakota was not an overnight process.

Coach Garrow said, “When he started that first game as a sophomore, he was pretty wet behind the ears and he has really developed into something special.”

Scholten said, “I think I matured a lot, whether it be in the huddle, calling plays, being clearer and knowing the routes, [even] to something just as little as my footwork being a quarterback. I think I just matured a lot.”

Scholten says he learned from the quarterbacks before him.

But, he did something his predecessors weren’t able to do since 1998; win a state championship.

This begs the question of where Scholten stack-ups all-time for the Lynx.

Coach Garrow said, “He’s very similar to what we had in the past like an Austin Sumner… His demeanor is calm and that’s kind of how he leads.”

Scholten says he doesn’t focus on the past, and he focuses more on playing the game he loves more freely; a trait that is in his blood.

Scholten said, “With my grandfather being a coach at Augie (Jim Heinitz) and now my dad being a coach, it was just something that was in my life from the beginning.”

This will be Scholten’s last season at the helm for the Lynx, besides another title, his desire is to leave a team legacy that will last forever.

Scholten said, “Right after the championship, we started transitioning from being the hunter to now the hunted; it’s kind of a different feeling. But we just got to keep getting better each week like we did last year.”

If Brandon Valley is going to defend its title, it’s going to start with their fearless leader.

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