Flooding Consumes Farmland in Centerville

CENTERVILLE, S.D.– It seems South Dakota farmers can’t get a break from severe weather.

Craig Andersen is one of many farmers in Centerville that’s seen flooding take over their land.

“It’s been real difficult because even since the earlier floods you think well once that’s gone maybe you can get a crop in, well then you get another flood,” he said. “Then it just keeps postponing and everything.”

Andersen says the flooding consumes miles of land and is about five feet deep. Any cover crop or feed that was planted in fields is now gone and the damage affects more than just the crops.

“It affects everything,” he said. “It affects you mentally. It affects you with the bank. Your ability to borrow money is getting less and less because of these things happening.”

He says the constant flooding takes in everything they do.

“It’s wearing on us,” he said. “Thank goodness for the federal crop insurance program but that doesn’t make us whole by any means. It doesn’t allow us to be doing what we want to be doing which is farm.”

Moving forward, Andersen says many farmers are reaching out to the government for financial assistance.

We’ve been talking to Washington and the state to see if we can get anything, any federal money or any kind of money to help improve some of this situation,” he said. “It isn’t as easy to recover as one would think.”

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