Mitchell Businesses, Bridges, and Homes Look to Recover After Flood

MITCHELL S.D. – Klockwerks in Mitchell is world-famous for their custom motorcycles, but this past week they have made headlines for recovering from last week’s flood.

“We cut all the sheetrock out of the front yesterday,” said Owner Brian Klock We are going to cut all of the sheetrock and pull off the walls down in the back today.  We just spent basically the last week trying to find stuff.

It may take President of Klockwerks, Brian Klock, more than a month to recover from the flood; but his heart isn’t with himself, it’s with his neighbors.

My heart breaks for guys like Linus across the street here,” Klock continued, “Saturday morning we came out here and they were pulling the chimney off of his house and they had pulled out the foundation on Friday.

Klock’s neighbor needs his house lifted in order to reconstruct his basement. As for the city of Mitchell, Klock is always looking for ways to give back even with the donations he has received.

He said, “If I end up with more money than I deserve here, certainly that is my goal is to give it back to the community as well and give it back to people like Linus who really could just use a leg up.”

The damage also extends outside the city. Just south of Mitchell lies this bridge. The water from Enemy Creek blew through each end of this bridge leaving the middle stranded.

Davison County Emergency Manager Jeff Bathke said, “We have nine county bridges that are either severely damaged or completely gone.

In a city that is surrounded by farmers, these broken bridges on the outskirts of town will make their commute longer, and it might not get better any time soon.

“You only have so many people who can install a bridge, Bathke said,  “And if the timeline right now is out a couple of years to get a bridge installed and all of a sudden you have numerous bridges on top of that that need to be replaced. It could be years before we see some of these roads back open.

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