Dangers of Vaping for Minors?

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Vaping continues to be a concern with parents around the country. Now the Sioux Falls School District is getting in on the conversation — with a town hall planned later this month.

Just last week, South Dakota health officials confirmed the state’s first two vaping-relate illness, adding to the nearly 400 cases seen nationwide.

Molly Satter, Health Services Coordinator with the Sioux Falls School District, says the growing number of illnesses should be concerning to everyone.

“People are really, really sick. they’re in the ICU, they’re on a ventilator, and obviously there’s been some deaths attributed to vaping and so when you hear of all of that, you just, you know have to be concerned and how can we help families best avoid those situations,” Satter says.

Health officials are especially worried when it comes to students’ vaping. The CDC reports 1-in-4 students have vaped sometime within the last month.

“Roughly around 25%, and so that’s a pretty good number of students,” says Satter.

Owners of “Blown Away Vaping” say they’re doing what they can to avoid selling to minors.

Whenever you go to buy a vape, you have to get your ID checked.

“And if they don’t have a driver’s license, cause we’ve heard this too, ‘Ohh I forgot it at home’, well they don’t get to buy a product from our store,” says owner Sandra Luther.

The owners also say vape pens aren’t being used for their intended purpose.

“Many people come in here whose doctor has sent him to a vape store because of asthma, and they can’t quit smoking, so they come in and get a vape pen, and they go back to their doctor later and they say their asthma is better,” continues Luther.

That tradeoff could be fatigue, nausea and even vomiting. District officials want to make sure students know what’s at stake.

“A problem for young students in their development, their brain development, and so we just really want to make sure that students are set up for success, whatever it is, whether that’s their health, you know, that correlates with their education,” says Satter.

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