Helpline Center Encourages to “Fall Into Service”

SIOUX FALLS S.D. – “Emphasizes that Sioux Falls is a great place,” said volunteer Joyce Herbst.

It’s been just over a week since three tornadoes tore through Sioux Falls, and the Helpline Center is still looking for volunteers.

“There is still probably about 80 homeowners that are still needing help with clean up,” said Volunteer Services Director Susie Ryks. “The volunteer process definitely hasn’t ended yet, we’re in need of people to call in at 2-1-1 or stop by our office.”

Tornado clean up isn’t the only way to volunteer, the fall into service event is put on to encourage people, to help people

“So we are encouraging citizens to come out and help volunteer.” Ryks continued, “They can get connected with a non-profit, and learn more about that agency while doing a hands on volunteer project.”

The non-profits at the event look to find volunteers that have a passion for their mission. Some volunteers help once, some help a few times, but Joyce Herbst has been helping for nearly ten years.

Herbst said, “It just makes you feel alive to come in when you have a purpose, and to be welcomed, and to know that you’re helping.”

If you’re thinking about getting involved these two have some advice.

“I don’t think you can go wrong with volunteering,” Herbst continued. “It gives you enjoyment, it gives you a purpose.”

Ryks added, “If you have an interest or hobby there is a volunteer opportunity for you. If you’re not sure where to start give us a call, we can talk through your interest when you’re available, and get you connected with an agency that has that need.

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