Mitchell Beef Producer Responds to Ellen’s #BeNeatEatLessMeat Campaign

Amanda Radke believes armed with the facts, the comedienne and talk show host might feel differently

Ellen’s post. Four million views and counting.

Amanda’s post. Let’s just say she’s not there. Not yet, anyway.

The Mitchell area mom, blogger and beef producer is hoping that, despite fewer eyes on her response of #Yes2Meat, her voice will still be heard among the chatter out there right now spreading what she calls ‘propaganda’ on eating meat and about meat producers. Ellen’s Instagram post is certainly not the first anyone has raised the issue. But it’s the latest and it’s getting traction.

Trying to tell their side of the story, Radke says, has led to a lot of support. But the family has also gotten hate mail and threats in response to speaking out about what they feel are the benefits of beef.

Beef isn’t unhealthy, Radke contends. Americans eating a more plant-based diet, as Ellen states, isn’t necessarily better for the animals, she adds. And, “we can’t eat our way out of climate change,” says Radke.

Hear more from Amanda below and see her full blog post here.


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