Flooding Continues to Devastate Lake Andes

LAKE ANDES, S.D.- The flooding fallout continues in the South Central portion of the state. For folks in Lake Andes, they’ve been dealing with it since March.

The town of Lake Andes has been dealing with flooding since March. “It’s out of this world. I’ve never seen this,” says one resident.

The recent flooding over the last two weeks has shocked the community. The Mayor, Ryan Frederick, says Highway 18 is a vital road to their community.

“The governor came down and we met with her staff and she raised the highway up I think 4 feet…” But at that time they had no idea the flooding would become much worse, now the Highway is submerged by at least two feet of water, “A couple weeks ago we got a tremendous amount of rain and now were back to square one.”

A dyke was built to protect the lift stations from being flooded. Mayor Frederick says if the dyke becomes flooded, the new school, clinic, nursing home, jail and about half the homes in town would be shut down.

“Trying to be proactive instead of reactive and plan… plan ahead because the water’s not going anywhere for a while.”

Frederick says many homes experienced flooded basements in March too, “We got everything cleaned up FEMA came in. Some might have got money to rebuild that stuff and they’re back to where they were before… a lot of frustration and people are wanting answers and we’re working on it.”

Lake Andes resident, James Simmermon, says the flooding is devastating and it affects everything and everybody.

“I mean you look all around, roads are bad. The agricultural part of it, crops, harvest is going to be worse this year than last year and last year was bad. It’s going to affect the economy bad. Not for just one or two years, for several years,” says Simmermon.

The mayor says the city has been in contact with Emergency Management and they are actively working on a solution to get rid of the excess water.