Sanford Cleanup Crews Put the Finishing Touches on a Successful Tournament

SIOUX FALLS, SD—The Sanford International may have concluded with Rocco Mediate hoisting the trophy, but now starts a cleanup process that won’t be finished for almost a month.

“I would say cleanup is my least favorite of it,” said Josh Brewster, assistant tournament director at Sanford International. “Obviously we had a great event we’re excited for next year. But the excitement isn’t quite here at Minnehaha today and this week you could say.”

It took the Sanford International crews about six weeks to get the over 6,400-yard golf course ready for the tournament.

Although it will take them about half of that time to tear it all down, it’s still a bittersweet ending.

“I like the hype leading up to the tournament,” said Micah Aberson, board chair of the Sanford International Tournament. “The Thursday night before Friday morning play starts there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Now that things are over we all kind of go back, and get to work on our day jobs.”

Sanford management estimates that around 100,000 visitors came to the tournament, which caused a 10 percent uptick in retail sales.

They say the weather had a lot to do with it.

“Of course the weather helped a lot, people were spread out across the golf course this year. Compared to last year when we had so much moisture and all the water. The crowds were fantastic,” said Aberson.

“It was an awesome week for us, the weather couldn’t have been better, and like I said we’re just ready to go for next year,” said Brewster.

Sanford management says the cleanup is not the most enjoyable part, but turnouts like the one this weekend makes it worthwhile.

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