Thune: Time to Ratify US, Mexico, and Canada Agreement

Senator Thune says farmers and ranchers need a solution

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Senator John Thune is calling on Congress to help farmers dig out of a tough year that has seen massive flooding and trade disputes.

Senator Thune called on his colleagues on Tuesday to ratify the U.S., Mexico, and Canada agreement, saying that negotiations were complete nearly a year ago.

Senator Thune says the USMCA will benefit nearly every sector of the economy, including the auto industry, manufacturing, and agriculture by giving suppliers a reliable market. He says farmers he spoke with during his visit in August say they need action from Washington when it comes to trade.

“While they share the president’s goal of addressing trade imbalances and securing more favorable conditions for American products, they also believe that we need to conclude the agreements we’re negotiating as soon as possible,” said Senator Thune. “The longer negotiations drag on, the tougher their situation gets.”

Senator Thune says the USMCA is also a big win for the dairy industry in South Dakota. He says the U.S. is a key dairy supplier to Mexico and that the agreement would expand market access in Canada.

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