Where Are Your Kids Spending Time Online?

Parents, if you don't know, there are 15 apps you might want to investigate

It can be tough staying on top of your own activity online, so to make time to check in on what your kids might be sharing or doing can be tough. It may even feel invasive. But it’s important, tech and social media experts like Carla White and law enforcement are reminding us.


Just this week, police in Charleston, South Carolina reunited an 11-year-old boy with his family after he drove – ALONE in his brother’s car that he stole – nearly 200 miles to live with an unknown male he met on Snapchat.

To help parents understand where kids might be active online right now, the Madill Police Department in Oklahoma put out the following list of apps recently it feels parents should know about. The apps include:

MeetMe: A video chat app that connects people with the same interests within certain geographical areas.

Grindr: A dating app geared toward the LGBTQ community. Users can chat and share photos.

Skout:  Another dating app where users can chat and share photos.

Whatsapp: Allows users to message each other, make calls and have conversations through video.

Tiktok: Allows users to browse short videos usually with music playing the background. Users can also upload videos of their own.

Badboo: Another dating app that allows users to chat and share photos.

Bumble: Another dating app that allows users to chat and share photos.

Snapchat: Users can send photos and videos to friends. This app also allows users to see your location unless you change the settings.

Kik: Another messaging app.

LiveMe: Users can livestream and watch others livestream.

HOLLA: Allows video chats with random people.

Whisper:  Allows user to be anonymous and share secrets with strangers.

Ask.fm: Allows users to ask questions to people on their friends list and to see who liked their answer.

Calculator%: Allows user to hide messages from parents, looking like a normal calculator app.

Hot or Not: Allows users to rate other profiles on the social network and chat with each other.

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