SYSK: “We’re Here, “Signal 88 Security

SIOUX FALLS, SD— “We’re Here,” two words that carry a lot of meaning for the men and women with “Signal 88 Security.”

“We basically do roving patrols through the time that,” said Troy Mergen, Signal 88 Security armed guard.

Signal 88 is an Omaha-based private security company.

They reach as far away as New Zealand but have been serving clients in Sioux Falls since 2014.

They do all kinds of security, from armed security at church services to security at Jackrabbits football games to even overnight patrols of client’s buildings.

“You got to be on your toes. Not that you’re not when on patrols for their businesses it’s not an armed position,” said Mergen. “You’re not there to respond, you’re there to observe and if you see anything you call the police.”

Most of Signal 88 Security employees are part-time, and like many other security jobs, it can be a dangerous line of work.

“You are wearing a security shirt. You do have that stigma of enforcement. So, people react differently most people want you around; they want security. For that peace of mind for their comfort,” said Mergen. “But there are obviously people out there that do not feel that way.”

Even with all the danger, it’s still rewarding.

“My favorite part is that I’m out here helping our clients. Making sure that their property is safe,” said Mergen. “And our clients can sleep soundly at night that we got overwatch on their ground.”

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