Falls Park Farmer’s Market In Last Month For Season

SIOUX FALLS, S.D –  It’s no secret that it’s officially fall in the Sioux Empire.

While the change of seasons is exciting, folks will only have one more month to go to the Falls Park Farmer’s Market. For it’s not about profit. It’s about family.

“They don’t live very far away from us, but if they were not in the garden with me, I don’t know if I’d see them all that much, so it’s really a bonding time for us,” says vendor Nancy Klassen.

“My wife sells flowers, my in-laws are doing vegetables, I’m doing some wood work on the side,” says vendor Nathan Vanzweden.

Vendors at the market say it’s got a variety. Flowers, veggies, baked goods, and the people who shop here agree.

“I’m really impressed with the number of vendors, all the cool stuff, we’re going to pick up some bread here,” says shopper Lindsay Weyer.

But it’s not always easy for vendors. Bad weather leads to lack of shoppers. Even worse?

“If it’s raining, then all our bread gets washed out,” says vendor David Napolitano.

But they say the Sioux Falls community makes it worth it.

“The same people are just kind of coming back and asking for the same thing, ‘Hey I want that again,’ or ‘Hey what are you making this,’ or ‘Why did you run out you should be making more of it,'” says David.

The people, all the different people, it’s amazing how many different ways there is to put the human body together. There’s a lot of people that come through, and they’re all different,” says Nathan.

It’s a way for the community to come together, and the good food’s not bad either.

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