Ortman A Back-Breaking Playmaker For Canistota/Freeman

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CANISTOTA, S.D.  —  Trey Ortman is fortunate his family owns a chiropractic clinic in Canistota since he’s had his share of bumps and bruises growing up with three younger brothers.

“We played football in the basement, football in the back yard, and we don’t take it easy on each other!” Canistota/Freeman QB/DB Trey Ortman says.

It also pushed him to succeed and take charge.

“When you see your brothers and sisters excel in something, you don’t want to be left out. You want to succeed to and it really does push you to be as good as you can.” Ortman says.

Which was something Trey had to do as a sophomore when he took over as starting quarterback.

“I wasn’t at all ready for varsity football. I know what my weaknesses are and I have made them more into strengths. I used to struggle with the option, I made that into one of my strengths. I think I’ve made my game very well rounded.” Trey says.

These days he’s the one handing out the punishment.

As a junior he ran for 762 yards and 15 touchdowns while passing for more than 1600 yards and 21 touchdowns, many to his brother Tyce, leading Canistota/Freeman to the 9A State Championship.

“Trey has worked really hard to develop his speed and his strength over the years. When he was a sophomore he struggled to run the option and make the right read there. And as a junior towards the end of the year he really, really squared up on it.” Canistota/Freeman Head Coach James Strang says.

Now a senior, this is Trey’s last chance to play with his brothers.

“I guess it is really sinking in, this being the last year. I’ve played with Tyce like every year of my life. It will be sad when we get there but we’re just going to enjoy this last year while we can.” Ortman says.

And he’s learned a thing or two about back breaking plays!

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