Gayville-Volin School Lockdown Leaves Student, Parent Scared and Confused

GAYVILLE, S.D.- Authorities say a threat was made targeting the Gayville-Volin school. The Yankton County Sheriff’s Office says they received a threat around 8 A.M. at the Gayville-Volin School and proceeded to shut the school down.

According to a press release sent out by the Yankton County Chief Deputy, the threat involved a juvenile who was going to shoot up the school.

This prompted an immediate shutdown for all staff and students in Pre-K through 12th grade.

During this time, law enforcement was on the scene, coordinating with school officials.

One mom, who lives near the school, said she received a call notifying her that there was a lockdown in place.

She said she was texting her daughter during it, which lasted about an hour and a half.

The daughter told me the lockdown was confusing and kind of scary.

Later, officials confirmed the 16-year-old suspect was in custody and ended the lockdown shortly after 9:30 A.M.

The school district’s website says they will continue to evaluate the procedures used to keep their children safe and will make changes as needed.

The mother said she pulled her kids out of school as soon as the lockdown was over.

She wasn’t the only one, saying many parents came to pick up their kids after the lockdown was lifted.

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