Too Much Rain at the Wrong Time For Local Church

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- It’s been a wet year. Between the flooding in March and more rain this week, some Sioux Falls organizations say they can’t catch a break, including Hilltop United Methodist Church off Bahnson Avenue. While there’s no flooding in town, it’s a matter of too much rain at the wrong time. 

Staff members are looking forward to dryer days as rain leaks through part of their roof. 

“It’s been frustrating because it’ll maybe stop for a little while and then all the sudden you’ll get a heavy shower and then pretty soon the water starts dripping again,” said Office Manager Judi Zikmund.

Over the years, the flat part of the church’s roof began to have leaking issues. Because of age, small holes developed in the rubber coating protecting the roof. Then in March the roof hit a breaking point.     

“All of the snow melted and the rain hit all at one time and then everything, it just really went from bad to worse after that,” said Zikmund. 

So crews are working on re-constructing the flat part of the roof to look like the rest of the building. That way the church won’t have to deal with anymore leaking water.

“It just happened that rain hit at the wrong time,” said Zikmund. 

More rain came before crews could finish sealing the roof. It’s caused flooding to areas like the kitchen and classrooms.

“It’s a struggle to kind of keep your spirits up when things are working against you like that, but you have to draw on your feeling of that God’s watching over us and God has a plan for this and that it will work out in the end,” said Zikmund.

It’s been frustrating not only for the church, but the construction crew.

“We kind of delayed it awhile because of all the rain this summer and hoping we can get it done this fall when it usually lets off on some of this rainy season. So now we’re trying to get this done before it starts to snow,” said Alan Amdahl, President of Amdahl Construction Co. 

Until the rain stops, crews are doing what they can inside the church to move the project forward. 

“It won’t last forever, so we’re just looking forward to having the building put back together and be back in good shape,” said Zikmund. 

Staff members say the flooding has led to extra expenses. However, luckily the sanctuary did not flood, so they are still able to hold services.

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