Wet Year Affecting Construction Industry

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- The wet year is causing trouble for the construction industry. According to Amdahl Construction, many companies are behind on projects like excavation, sewer and water, and landscaping. March flooding made it difficult for crews to make progress early on in the season and any projects they try to start now get interrupted by the rain.  

“It’s been a bad year to be in the construction business, but we’re making the best of it. Kind of like farmers. Everybody talks about the farmers. Well, it affects a lot of other industries also… The construction industry is hurting on many things, road construction and home construction, all the above,” said Alan Amdahl, Owner of Amdahl Construction.

Amdahl Construction is supposed to be working on building and remodeling several houses, but they’ve had to put the projects on hold until next year. They say there is not a big enough window of time to complete the projects before the snow comes.


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