Camp For Aspiring Young Tech Gurus

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – It seems Sioux Falls has a ton of science loving kids, and Hack Sioux Falls gave them opportunities.

“I think maybe be an astronomer,” says participant Trey Swanstrom.

“I might want to be an inventor,” says participant Ryker Swanstrom.

The Sioux Empire is home to many future techies and scientists, and they got to test out their skills.

“The idea is to challenge them to build something cool and interesting from all of the components and then we’ll help them actually make it work,” says camp founder Will Bushee.

Today, kids learned how to solder. The idea of soldering is pretty simple: Connecting 2 metals with a third metal. It’s an important trick to learn, especially if you want to do anything in the electrical field. Kids at the camp made a circuit board with L.E.D lights. Maybe they will use it as decoration, or to light up a Halloween pumpkin. But, they had the chance to see if the tech field was for them.

“It’s great to expose children to other things that they might find out they enjoy and they might not. So some kids might find out they really love what’s going on at Hack Sioux Falls, and some of them might find out it’s not the thing for them, and that’s okay too, but you gotta give them an opportunity to see those things and to try that stuff out,” says parent Ryan Swanstrom.

Even camp founder Bushee is impressed.

“When we first started the project I wasn’t sure that the kids were going to enjoy soldering, or if it was going to be too difficult, but honestly it’s been the number one thing they all talk about afterwards,” he says.

Showing that future careers can come from passion…

“I think it’s fun to learn how to play with electronics,” says Trey.

And that it’s never too early to prep the next generation.

If want to test out your soldering skills go to

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