SDSU Considering a Hobo Day Halloween

The Jackrabbits' homecoming is scheduled for Oct. 31st next season

BROOKINGS, SD— Moiria Curry has lived on the corner of 5th and Medary in Brookings for 8 years and every year she says it’s the same experience on Hobo Day.

“Not just Hobo Day weekend. Any football weekend, but especially on Hobo Day, we literally cannot leave our house with our children after 4:30 pm,” said Curry.

Curry says that this year, her husband had shoo away about 50 people from their front yard, and in years prior they even had to stop a man from sleeping in their basement.

This year was considered a light year, in terms of attendance for Hobo Day.

SDSU saw about a four percent drop in-game attendance from the year before.

But more people could show-up next year, as Hobo Day has been scheduled on Halloween.

“There’s a lot of things that go into that week. Yet alone what is just Hobo Day,” said Mike Lockrem, SDSU marketing and communication director. “This next year we did publish a day that we are attempting to have Hobo Day, and I know it’s Oct. 31. We really had some limitations. We have a very unique football schedule next year.”

The Jackrabbits’ only other home game in October next year is against rival USD.

The university says logistically Halloween makes the most sense from a promotional and safety standpoint.

Even though some kid’s candy-getting could be compromised in the process.

“Most other years Halloween falls during the week, and they have to go to bed early. So, I don’t think that they should have to move Halloween to a weekday to appease kids drinking on-campus, off-campus and throughout town,” said Curry.

SDSU marketing says the date could change, but before they make that decision they want to have a conversation with Brookings’ community leaders.

If the date stands it would be SDSU’s first home game on Halloween since they jumped to D-I, and first since 1998 when they played Augustana.

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